Dear Diary | Prospects & Aspirations

I feel like writing has been taking over my life a little too much lately, which is great. I’m thinking of really expanding the overall spectrum of what I normally discuss here and see how it goes. But ANYWAYS, here’s to another round-up post on how I go through life and all its exciting jazz whatsoever, though to play fair, it has been a huge mixture of a lot of serious ideas, goals, dreams, and questions written all over it. So without any further rambling, let’s just hop right on to the chase, and get to it now shall we?

  • The first thing on my mind would be the upcoming trip I’m taking to UK with my family in a matter of few days for the next couple weeks to come, which I am supercalifragilisticexpialidociously excited about. We’ll be visiting Manchester, Cardiff City, EDINBURGH (!!!!!), Oxford, LONDON (!!!), and perhaps too many more cities for me to mention here. There you’ll probably witness me vlogging, taking pictures, and enjoying all-in-all surrounding sceneries accompanied with my fixed-lens olympus SLR carrying a small black and white colored backpack behind my back. A stereotypical set of tourist tropes if you ask me, but meh. We all have our ways.
  • You could say that I have just made a go-big-or-go-home investment deal out of my life savings and recent profit inputs on imported snacks. Yes, after reflecting upon my Zanana Chips reselling procedures for the past several months, and many reconsiderations that follows after, I have made my decision to expand the dynamics of the products I currently possess at hand to aim for a larger scale of market, and therefore of course, a hopefully even bigger income at hand. So yeah, I’m this go-getter who takes the world on distinct opportunities with potential risks, with a firm, sturdy belief of conquering them beforehand. No big deal.
  • I’m FINALLY taking a toll-ticket away from my long-extended reading slump. Currently am more than halfway through Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, which I intend to really finish by tomorrow so I’ll have an overall review about it being posted on the blog SOON. It has apparently been a while since my last review about a book came up, and that I think I should be doing more in the underlying future to suffice the bibliophic standards I have intentionally brought upon managing for this (previously) book-related blog of mine. Promise I’ll get myself to manage somehow. Soon.
  • Since I ought to be leaving for quite some time later, I’m pretty confident that I won’t be posting as much as I currently am now. Which is sad, and unproductive in a way that makes me feel a bit down at times. BUT I have yet scheduled to pre-write at least 5 posts (could be less, could be more) to upload in the midst of my trip where I won’t be able to write, so I hope it would at least settle a wee bit of absence this blog will soon experience for the next couple of weeks, so wish me luck! (;
  • Strange to somehow think this much time had flew over the course of 2017, and that I will soon be embracing the last two semesters on high school to face an endless cycle of national exam drills, a preparation for an internship program, and plenty more future-related stuff to deal with whatsoever. It’s going to be one hectic hell of a year, featured with possibly more stress-packed sleepless nights of studying, and hauling over countless potential universities to apply scholarships to in means of making the old man proud. Brb as I fortunately brace myself towards facing these trials head-on as I go.

Guess I believe that this is it for my life update, I suppose? I know the title sounds a wee little too cheesy over the edge more than it should, as this isn’t exactly the way I deal with writing diary entries. I like that it doesn’t get too personal, nor general with the way I consciously write as I speak to mind. Meaning to say, that it didn’t end up going that off balance, you know what I’m saying? Sorry if this post may sound really gibberish to you, as I am not forcing you to read the whole entire thing. But hey, a round of applause to those of you who actually did make it this far. (; Thank you for your time invested getting into this, appreciate it a lot, really.

I’d best be going then, got a load of pre-writing schedules to fulfill.

I’ll see you when I can!



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Summer Treats | Ion Doughnut

Another lovely addition to our beloved city’s culinary experience, Ion Doughnuts is a must-try to all of you die-hard doughnut lovers out there. Freshly baked with love, these roundsomes will fill that hole of missing piece that you may not find during hot summer days like this, and will also most certainly satisfy all your set of cravings.

So these delectable treats came in my doorstep this morning, and I completely fell in love with how pretty it looked:


Knowing that it was crafted so carefully, and was also made this very morning, gave me the idea of how wonderful it would be to write and communicate all my thoughts on its glorious existence here on my blog, and make a review out of it as well.


Starting off with the packaging, it followed a simplistic square shaped white box, the one you’d normally get when you order pizza, and which included an adorable sheet of embroidered paper that on top of it lies a 9 share amount of your average sized doughnuts inside of it. Decorated with all kinds of different toppings, these chocolate gravy covered doughnuts tasted exceptionally delightful, as if it just went straight out of the oven. (and yet it does) Toppings include: rainbow sprinkles, peanuts, chocolate chips, oreos, and cheese. I hear that they’re still on the run towards innovating more toothsome flavors and toppings on the way, so be sure to stick around to find out during its release!

Next off, flavor. The combination between the doughnut itself and the toppings that lie on top of it are surprisingly out of this world, and what do you know, it’s best served hot! So make sure to heat it up in advance to get the maximum eating experience of these addictive babies. Moreover, it relies upon no preservatives for it is homemade, which makes it even better. The dough itself is super soft to chew on, and the chocolate coating had such an excellent balance when it comes to the bittersweet texture underlying it. Highly recommended for those of you who aren’t huge fans of a little too much sugar on top of anything, so yes. This certainly is your cup of tea.

Aside from all that, the presentation of these doughnuts are super decent to cooperate with, that it is aesthetically pleasing enough to decorate your desired instagram feeds.

Guess that is it for my review on these lovable homemade doughnuts. I highly anticipate you guys to check them out through all the social media links that will be mentioned down below, as they are currently open for pre-order to those of you who live in Surabaya. So make sure you donut forget to grab a box of these mouthwatering treats until then!

Instagram | Facebook

Have a lovely day!



appreciation post

A Sterling Goddess

The time has come for me to finally do another profile run-up on this beautiful summer day, calling upon an even more beautiful lady for me to write about. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give it up for Tiffany Olivia. (;

She is stunning, gorgeous, charming, and really just everything nice in general. A dazzling gem to look at that is unlike any other, with an unreachable height that is compared to world class models, and fairly accessorized with the prettiest smile you could ever ask for. So yes, we all know her as the belle of our class in school, and as cheesy as this paragraph may sound to you all, she would still most likely end up with a huge grin on her face when she reads this, feeling exceptionally proud of herself for who she is. (Don’t you, pun?)

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention there. She goes by the name of Ipun somehow, which is by far the cutest nickname you could ever find from a person called Tiffany. She enjoys eating, mostly anything vanilla or cookies and cream related dessert, especially churros. She also adores fashion, and has such a genuine bright style compiled with a dream of pursuing a successful career of building her very own fashion empire. On one hand, she would often mess around with you a lot once you really get to know her better, but on the other, she could seriously invest herself towards listening and understanding life-long tough situations that her best friend was currently facing.

Now I don’t normally write about just anybody here on the blog. So you best believe it, that Tiffany is not just anybody, you guys. I guess to me, she is this dazzling figure of light who really brings out the best in me on any dark, gloomy days that has yet to come. She is the ideal companion that allows me to grow, just a little more, everyday. 


On account of this very special day, I’ve decided to gather a list of 7 reasons as to why I look up to her as a rolemodel myself:

  1.  She works hard for her studies. One of the things I admire most about her is that she has such a high standard towards achieving her grades. She values process, and never ceases to stop reviewing all the tested subjects being put down on her gradually. Even if she sometimes had to pull a teeny bit of an all nighter for being the nocturnal creature that she is, her academic results are certainly one to look up to a lot.
  2. She already has her life figured out. Currently preparing herself for the IELTS test, her goal is to pursue her dream of entering the glamorous world of fashion through studying at either RMIT University in Melbourne, or a well-known international fashion academy in Shanghai. Whereas most teenagers still are finding out what they’re up for after graduation, this girl has already taken a total of 48 hours of sewing classes in advance! She’s going places, you guys. I can already tell.
  3. Holds a strong principle to her everyday life. This is probably my most absolute favorite thing about her. I’m not trying to imply that she’s perfect or anything (even in a way I somehow find her so), because nobody’s perfect. Ipun makes mistakes everyday, she knows she does, but she never holds on to them for so long. She learns from them like a stepping stone, then like a fox, she quickly jumps away by not letting it shatter her for so long, and moves on. That’s how magnificent of a person she is.
  4. She doesn’t stay angry for so long. I guess after almost a year of knowing her, and looking back to the uncomfortable situations we’ve been through with each other, I’d say she’s pretty good at containing herself. Sure of course, she sometimes get pissed off by my so called immature behaviors, but at the end of the day, she holds upon no grudges, and forgives me for the causes I’ve done that might have really troubled her in the first place.
  5. She values a near and dear relationship with her family. Family is so important to her, and I’ve somehow find it comforting to hear her telling me stories of how mischievous her little brother at home is, or how her younger sister accomplished big time in her studies. I can tell by the sparkle in her eyes while telling me about them, that she values their presence in her life so much, and often spends a humongous time being with them as a family. She treasures them, and loves them wholeheartedly, and that I believe this behavior of hers is super important for people out there to execute themselves with their own families as well.
  6. She is clothed with confidence, but ultimately stays humble at the same time. I won’t lie when I say that Ipun is extremely beautiful, inside and out. I’m not saying that she does not get insecure at times with her overall image, but I can see the confidence in her that’s glowing out the surface whenever she is to present herself in front of a huge crowd. Despite all that, she is also humble, and does not go around bragging everyone about pretty much anything. She lays low, and I highly appreciate her for being that way.
  7. She pays huge respect to those around her. Whether it being a history teacher, or a bullied classmate, Ipun treats them all equally with full regarded respect on a daily basis. She never taunts, shows great deals of kindness, and knows when to really speak up necessarily in the most mannerly fashioned way possible. Kindness is probably like, her middle name or something, because she kills it good.


As much as I’d love to mention a few more, I think this should be enough to not wipe that wide smile on her face as she finds herself reading this. And no, the reason why I decided to fill up my blog with her flawless pictures is not to ~promote~ her into getting a boyfriend (sorry boys, she’s taken), but to simply remind you all that a decent person like her exists, still out there wandering her way through big and small trials in life, just like the rest of us. 

Happy sweet 17th birthday, love. Stand tall, and do not ever let them forget the essence of your spark. Enjoy being legal! ❤

yours truly,


appreciation post

Dear Dad

“Behind every outstanding daughter, lies a dedicated loving mother… And a dad, he was there too.”

Oh, hey dad. What? I didn’t make the quote myself or anything. HAHA. Alright, alright. I’m joking. I’m sorry, here’s another one that I made just for you:

“Behind every promising daughter, lies a father who believed in her aspiring dreams.”

There, happy?

Moving on, then.

I’ve never actually written a post dedicated to you before. Since this is my first time doing it, and I know you’ll probably end up hugging me and start calling me names for being cheesy afterwards, I’m just gonna get right on and say it:

Happy father’s day.

Thank you so much for being that one figure who always looks out for me. A loving parent who showed nothing but great understanding towards his children. A fantastic leader who never stops praying for the sake of his family’s welfare. A supportive guardian who roots his daughter for her passion in writing.

Thank you for being you. For taking your daughter out to exploring new cafes and drinking coffee, for constantly reminding her that there will always be something new to pick upon visiting them. Thank you for taking her and your son swimming on Sunday evenings, and for driving them there.

Thank you for being such an inspiration. For being a passionate coffee maniac who makes himself coffee every morning just because he likes it that way. Also for being the best camera dealer out there I know of, for knowing so many amazing, well-known people and having them as your friend slash customers. You’re amazing that way.

Thank you for being the first man to ever love me as I am, and to always forgive me for the mistakes I’ve done. And Thank you for putting a roof above my head, for bringing food to the table, and providing wi-fi that ended up connecting to all my devices.

Thank you for listening to all my retarded remarks, and for laughing instead of judging me for saying them. Thank you for showering us with affection through unlimited hugs and kisses every now and then, showing that you care for us dearly. You’re fun to be around that way.

And thank YOU for your genes, dad. Couldn’t have been the way I am now without it. I assume you still feel proud of yourself for having me, aside from the fact that you hate to admit you’re proud of me as well.

I know you’ve been asking me to make an itinerary for our upcoming trip, but hey, I still have priorities, dad. I’ve got a list, and this letter happens to lie on top of it. So like it or not, (and I know I’m a day late) this is apparently what you get for being the world’s best dad ever. Cheesy, I know. But yeah, it meant to come out a little more sincere than that. Honest! Teehee.

I’m on my way towards making you proud, pa. Somehow. I promise. Please remain healthy for now, so you can witness me taking you and mama travelling all around the world someday. Anywhere you like, you name it.

you know I love you, right?







A Game Changer

Earlier yesterday, I attended my usual Sunday service at church, and has yet heard another wonderful sermon coming from a lively speaker from the community which I lived in. It was enlightening, and it may have oozed me at some point because I was currently in a state  in life where issues like these appear to occur quite so often. So indeed here I am, standing up as a writer, ready to spring off into spreading the message across through my blog. (:

Daniel was the star that day, and remembering all the tales and adventures he’s been through in the Bible, I have come to realize that he was one heck of a historical figure to look up to. He stood out among the others who basically ate meat that was intentionally presented to the Gods, proving them wrong by remaining healthier and stronger when eating vegetables and drinking water instead. He has yet predicted the true prophecy laid upon King Nebuchadnezzar through the peculiar dream sent by God, survived in a den filled with lions, and remained loyal to his Lord by praying constantly 3 times a day. He was indeed, a game changer. 

Then they said to the king, “Daniel, who is one of the exiles from Judah, pays no attention to you, Your Majesty, or to the decree you put in writing. He still prays three times a day.” – Daniel 6:13

The theme for this month, was apparently about becoming a game changer. A person whom lacks all different kinds of bad influences being put upon them, while living in a world where everyone may have stand against you. Daniel was apparently one of them. So in a way, I really admire the firm principle Daniel brought on himself by really relying upon nobody else but God. He couldn’t care less of the people around him who badmouthed him, but instead kept his determination and remained fearless of the trials being thrown upon him for not being like the rest of them.

He was quite extraordinary, to be honest. I never really thought of it that way up until yesterday. Looking back on all the circumstances, challenges, and punishments he had to face by staying true to his belief was really impressive. I think it was brave of him to be loyal to God. And hey besides, look at Darius for instance. He was the one who had thrown Daniel in the deadly known Lion Den for his lack of “obedience” towards his decree, but ended up setting Daniel free after he knew Daniel’s God prevented the lions from eating him alive by shutting their mouths off. In addition to that, he also rewrote his decree, enforcing his people to praise the Lord of God in the end.

Amazing, isn’t it? How you can actually become the light in the midst of darkness, where everyone is ultimately ready to dim you down, but you’ll end up being the one who lightens them up instead?

Which leaves us off with the big question lying in the back of our minds, how should we do it? Below are 4  steps to follow on becoming a game changer yourselves. 😉

  1. Being a game changer doesn’t necessarily mean you should also be popular. A lot of people in this generation craves for the pleasure of being popular, or being adored by those around them. I for one, can really connect to this statement a lot, because not all good people get a large quantity of crowds backing them up in advance. They’re that way because they are different, and that’s okay. It’s the least popular ones who are most likely to become the light that outshine others. And no, I’m not trying to promote the fact that popular people have it worse. What I mean to say is, it is okay to be hated for doing what is right, than it is to be admired for committing the awful things being done on purpose. Staying true to yourself without minding what the others might think of you is what it takes.
  2. Be persistent on doing so. A game changer should value the means of persistence. It is normal to feel down sometimes when you simultaneously let other people get to you, but don’t ever let that aspect dim your burning fire that can be used to lighten up others. Falling down is an easy task. Standing up, on the other hand, is harder. How you stand tall after all those downfalls being put to you is what makes the difference. Keep in mind of that.
  3. Become an impact towards others. Another thing after you mastered the two previous steps above, is to simply become a great influence to those around you. It’s not just about the way you behave among them, but how you maintain a valuable relationship with God as well. Start simple by allowing yourself to talk to God more often on a regular basis. Allow Him to participate in your daily life activities, and you’ll sure come to find what it is you’re looking for to bring impact to the lives of others. Trust me, it works.
  4. Keep praying. Life is not always going to be sweet lemons and honeysuckle cupcakes, for there will come a time where you may reach the upmost peak of your downfall, being the game changer that you already are, and end up crying so hard that it hurts. The solution to this isn’t drugs, alcohol, or any kind of earthly things you could imagine thinking about doing. Not even those around you can fully help you regain a spirited soul and push you back up. When all seems lost, go to Jesus. Pray to your heart’s content, and feel free to let it all out. God listens, and He has plans that is far beyond your wildest imagination. You’ll never walk alone, just pray.

I am not a prophet, nor a priest who preaches in church, but I can safely inform you that these first 4 steps will definitely help guide you towards becoming the ultimate game changer you long to be. It is better to look awful than to look good in front of those surrounding us who are wrong. 

“It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.” – Hans F. Hansen

Best of luck, game changers. May God be with you always.


Hello, again. (:
This was by far my favorite entry to write about in June. I enjoyed every minute of writing it because it flowed over quite smoothly. Over the course of life lately, I think that becoming a game changer is harder than it sounds like. Nonetheless, I keep reminding myself that it’ll be alright. Fall 7 times, then get back up at 8, that’s what they say.  I think writing about it soothed me out a bit, as it always does. More importantly, I just thought that this was a very honest set of words upon how I would advice myself as a person at this point in life? Teehee.
I hope the people who find themselves reading this could pick something up after reading it.
Let me know if you’re one of them!
Feel free to express yourselves through the comment box below for me to see. (:
I’ll meet you there!
Sermon material credits to Victor Indra, thank you for being such an enthusiastic speaker. Stay inspired!
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Cek Toko Sebelah | Review

The story follows Yohan and Erwin, being the only two sons of a shop owner in a suburban area of Jakarta, Mr. Afuk. Devastated after the death of his wife and his uncalled disease, he decided to let Erwin, his younger son to take over the shop he built together along with his already dead wife before he retired. And Erwin, being the  ultimate favored child, agreed to give it a go for a month, for he couldn’t just leave his uprising career and girlfriend in the company he worked so hard to get into. While on the other hand, Yohan being the least favored son, was offended that his dad ended up choosing Erwin instead of him.


Words can never legitimately describe the love I have for this movie. Indonesia has finally took a huge turn with its film industry with this relevant release. A huge praise goes to Ernest for outlining the core plots of this film, it was undeniably amazing. The humor this movie offered, not to mention the drama, and the entire pacing of the plot from the very beginning shook me to the point where I wanna do a re-watch on it again someday.

The thing I love most about this movie was that it was super relatable for me remembering that I too, came from a similar Chinese family background. The approach upon the acculturation between the Indonesian-Chinese ethnic and the pure Indonesian locals from this story was cordial, and it made me super happy to see both sides get along very well throughout the entire movie. We get to see the things they’re going through in a story told so realistically, in such an appropriate everyday life setting being shown through an Indonesian movie format, which was exactly what I needed to freshen up my mind after not watching one for so long.

The plot of it, was interwoven so well from the very start. As a result, it was very easy to comprehend and absorb the messages being thrown off to the audience. There was this sheer balance between the humor, seriousness, and drama that it made the movie even more entertaining to watch to its very core.

cek toko sebelah

Safe to say as it is, the representation of these set of characters were brought down quite nicely, and that the cast very much fits the roles they had for themselves in this movie. I enjoyed seeing everyone giving their best skills to deliver such an amazing storyline in return, as it was of course, once again, relatable for me personally because I too have experienced living in quite the similar setting of this movie.

All in all, I enjoyed every minute of it, and personally believe that this is one of those must-watch Indonesian movies out there that fits the bill for everyone. I feel like I could pick something new out of it, after each new time I ended up seeing the movie again repetitiously. The movie supports a very strong dynamic Indonesian-Chinese family aspect to it, and such strong representations of them that it felt really similar to the ones I personally experience with in real life!

I’ve always wanted to try reviewing an Indonesian produced movie here on my blog, knowing that I happen to live here and become one myself. So then yeah, I am super happy I finally found one that really moved my heart enough for me to write it! Just to lay it out there, this was not exactly the newest release in the industry, but it was a movie that got recommended to me so often. I have heard nothing but amazing things and positive feedbacks coming from the people who had seen them. That led me saying to myself, “Hey, why not give it a go?” SUPER glad with how this review turned out a little more concise than the previous ones I’ve written in the past, because I’ve absolutely adored it very much, and had honestly zero complaints regarding its existence.
Some of you may be wondering why I have not yet continued on my travel writing spree on this blog, and the thing is, I still most likely will, and I still am up for it entirely. There were just a couple of things to clear up at the back of my mind to settle in through writing that I just had to move ahead by posting it before it shuts off completely. You know what I’m saying?
ANYHOW, let me know what you think of this movie overall down below? Have you seen it? Or have you not and are planning to see it in a short time? What did you think about this post? It’d be super lovely to read from you guys. Once again, thank you  so much for reading.

have a lovely day!


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13 Reasons Why | Pros & Cons

Trigger warning – This review may contain spoilers that might make those of you who haven’t seen the show to throw a fit at me for revealing some of them, so therefore of course, read at your own risk.

This series has taken such a huge portion of time in my life, by all means, I really couldn’t stop myself from watching it. So instead of a casual ramble talking about the things I want to say regarding on how much I might have somehow both like and dislike this TV series, I’ve carefully accumulated upon 8 pros and 5 cons that I may have which come across to personally, so that’s 13 points in total, which is by far the iconic amount for a number of reasons, no? (See what I did there? No? Okay, moving on.)

Let us hop in with a friendly discussion upon the pros.

  1. This show had really chosen their casts accordingly. One thing’s for sure about this particular series, is that they have such an amazing array of casts enrolling such authentic roles that fit so perfectly. Their acting was what I would automatically picture a typical teenager would react whenever being faced through those of significant trials in life. In a way, I can somehow connect to some of the characters that played along this series quite well, which is very much appreciated.
  2. The cinematography for each episode was surprisingly on point. For a TV show, handing out the audience with a good screenplay motion is one thing, but throwing out a great one is definitely another. The angles were brought down super nicely, and I appreciated the fact that they put so much effort and dedication into delivering the visual focus that needed to be seen by the audience, which made it super easy to not only understand what was going on at the present point, but also to grab ahold of where the situation was partly taking them next.
  3. There were several episodes that provided specific trigger warnings. It is extremely important for a show to bring down trigger warnings of what may seem to appear toxic in the eyes of children, or anyone in particular who may have issues viewing things like this beforehand. It was nice to see that they had warnings regarding the topics such as, rape, abusive content, etc that are going to be shown in certain episodes, for it indirectly gave the audience a choice to take in consideration of whether or not they should continue watching it. Which in a way, I think is a very responsible and respectful feature that ended up not being forgotten through the course of this show happening.
  4. The plot of this story = one heck of a ride. I have to say, just from the very beginning I was a little skeptic of going into this with all the hype surrounding it, but I ended up watching 5 episodes in one sitting which was really something I don’t normally do on a regular basis when it comes to marathoning TV shows. I was quite surprised, that this show had succeeded into keeping me on the edge of my seat, for I was always, always, wondering of what might happen next, and was waiting for the time where Clay was going to finally listen to his own tape, etc etc. One word: in-trigue-ing.
  5. It had a very appealing message. The show taught us to never treat others badly, for they may be the reason behind the sufferings of another. It approached massive focus regarding one of the most fundamental topics in this series, aside from suicide, in a way which, was appealing, and it was rape. People may or may not look at the message being sent across similarly, and I too was not a big fan of the initial raw moral that this story had portrayed from the beginning, which thoughts you may find when reading ahead in the con section down below.
  6. It is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. I love the idea that this was a very interesting concept to begin with. Having 13 reasons why Hannah Baker killed herself being recorded on tape, and with each containing a story inside of it had really killed the job. It was intense, outstanding, and very intricate in a way that it really deserved all the positive hype its been getting from the media lately. It promotes an ideal format that involved a jungle of series of topics that may have consciously raised awareness and representation towards the people who might suffer from it. Very well intended, indeed.
  7. Nominated as the one of the best book-to-TV-show-adaptation so far. I have seen other reviews online saying that this was a one of a million book inspired TV show that stood out better than the book itself. I may not have a say to this, for I haven’t exactly read the book, but I can might as well say that I have heard the actual brief outline of it, and that it ended up sounding a bit dull for me to the point where I lost interest towards reading it after. So yeah. I’m sorry.
  8. There was so much diversity being brought to the table. The high level of diversity being put to play in this story was surely unimaginable. Its fine elements are what makes the show whole. I’m not going to say too much at this point, for I personally think that it’s fairer for me to not do so, but to hint those of you who managed to have seen  this series yourselves, I hope you get my point. (:


Disclaimer: For those of you who merrily agreed along to all my positive thoughts on this show from above, please bear with the few more that will soon be written down below as of course, this is a very controversial series, and that hearing from different sides can never be wrong to avoid. Therefore to remind, I’d like it better if you guys respect the issues I have for this show as much as you did for the love I have for it. No hate, please. Thank you.

And with no further ado, here are the cons to bear with that comes after:

  1. It supports a harmful message. Some people may view it this way because the mere raw plot of this story was how Hannah reacted to the people that hurt and ruined her as a person by cutting her own wrists that enabled her to bleed to death. This was not a healthy message to promote through a 13-episode-television series that is to be seen by millions of people worldwide, especially teenagers. As great as it sounds, that the producers created this plotline in means of spreading suicide awareness, the bare truth still lies on Hannah choosing the only worst possible decision to “solve” all her problems in which was cruel, as well as ironic as it is: committing suicide. 
  2. There was an episode in which they did not provide a trigger warning. Trigger warnings are a crucial element to consider beginnings with, there was an episode where Clay hallucinates Hannah Baker’s wrists bleeding unexpectedly which ended up with her lying on the ground and her blood spreading all over the floor. This was indeed, very disturbing to view for a number of certain people, and that they should have put a warning about this in advance to prevent triggering, unwanted actions to likely happen.
  3. No mental health related matter was mentioned in this story. There should have been an explanation through all the stakes Hannah and her friends were battling at the moment being related to mentally unstable issues at the very least, to properly educate the viewers instead of only plucking upon the generally assumed suicidal aspects of it.
  4. The characters of this story often refused to talk to their parents and/or authority about their problems and chose to deal with it on their own. I apologize, but this was another harmful thing that might have been the core issue for me that I have for this series, as it is very important to be open to those around you who can actually distribute help. Teenagers should acknowledge the adults who obviously knew better to assist them getting through horrible things in the most well-mannered way possible.
  5. Dangerously triggering to suicidal people. As a result of the release itself, we still can’t neglect the fact that its intense content is triggering many teenagers out there to commit suicides after watching this show every now and then. Some even got downright inspired by the show that they copied the awful turn Hannah made by recording reasons of their own as to why they ended up committing on tape. Let’s hope the good will outweigh the bad on this one.

Aaaand yep, that finishes off all my thoughts, feelings, and opinions being successfully planted on this post. I’ve actually finished this series quite a long while ago, so this was honestly a long overdue post. I’m super glad that I’ve finally come around to writing it, feels good to let my inner thoughts yet flow like river once again. Thank you so much for your time reading this!
What are your thoughts after watching 13 Reasons Why? Did you like/dislike it? Or both? Drop your comments down below, as it would be nice to hear from you.

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