Travel Bucket List | Europe

I traveled to the west side of Europe last year, and managed to have visited plenty of countries that left me quite the impression, that I would very much like to go back again someday to experience more of it afoot. From the notoriously intriguing city of canals: Amsterdam, the small, significant, yet interesting city slash country: Liechtenstein, the city of love in which I’ve had huge expectations for that failed to suffice: Paris, to the romantic, humid, and raw city of Rome.

I have seen, learned, and grabbed ahold of so many new, exciting things from that journey that looking back from the amazing adventures I’ve taken, I figured that I just had to find my way back towards gallivanting though this breathtaking continent again some time in the future. Europe seemed like this very grotesque destination where you sometimes feel as if you’re inside a movie as you scan yourselves through these vintage-looking buildings, featured in with the blissful peace the nature that surrounds it it has to offer. There is just so much to see, you guys. I promise.

Listed down below are essentially 5 beautiful cities in Europe that I aspire to visit someday, and reasons as to why I find them really intriguing to explore. So here goes!

Side note: Do be alarmed that I will be writing posts like these for the next few days to come because I am so much in the mood towards writing them, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next, if you really enjoy reading posts like these! (:

Salzburg, Austria


I, for one, really enjoyed my last brief half-day stay in Austria last year in Innsbruck, and have yearned to again revisit the country starting off with this lovely gem. Salzburg is a lovely town where you may find world-class musical performances in almost anywhere: churches, streets, and/or music halls. A perfect spot for those of you who possess an exquisite taste in real music. I’m a sucker for live musical performances, and seeing all these people performing a free live orchestra committed to charity back in Innsbruck last summer has left me to wonder what really lies in the other gorgeous lyrical cities this country has to offer.

Prague, Czech Republic


One of the most enchanting cities I’ve ever heard, Prague delivers a magical vibe where all who wonder through it may get lost in its divine beauty. This city is definitely on my radar, for it has every trope a European paradise could possibly send across to tourists everywhere. Visiting the Prague castle, and admiring the architectural aspect of it being an inspiration towards the ever famous Disneyland castle, strolling around streets where you may see most folks here walk, and enjoying the brisk air that revolves around the city itself is all I could ever ask for from this seemingly attractive jewel from the East.

Brussels, Belgium


I didn’t get to visit this wonderful city where one of the best chocolates are made from, due to it not being thrown in my tour itinerary last year. It was quite a shame, because I really looked forward to visiting the place and admiring the iconic Manneken Pis statue, along with a visit to the Herge museum, dedicated to the creator of Tintin, where it filled up most of my childhood days with its bold tales. Brussels, I will most certainly come back for you.

Munich, Germany


 Munich is especially known as this lively city in Germany where you can imagine all sorts of exciting things happening there daily. A lot of people can be found gathering to drink beer in means of celebration, or just enjoying general get-together sets in day-to-day evenings. It has beautiful parks, live music, markets, and marked historical pinpoints where the legendary dictator Hitler once plotted his plans to reign over Europe. However, what intrigues me the most is how rich this city is with its diverse culture and their never-dying aspect of it that surely completes the look. Attractive at its own pace, Munich had succeeded to find its way to sway me into falling in love with it, in the best way possible.

Budapest, Hungary


Another mideival jewel in Europe I’d like to put on this list, is Budapest. Where history was made, and inspirations born at its very finest form. From its sublime beauty to its wondrous architectures it provides throughout the entire city. A lot has happened here aside from what I can tell, a massive Jewish quarter lives up to this city until now where we can follow their story in a variety of historical relics and museums. Budapest is without a doubt, a sight I would surely not like to miss.

Disclaimer: This is one of those posts that took me quite forever to finish, due to the extensive research I’ve gone through in each of the city on this list. However, if you find anything that may have been misinterpret or some false mentions I may have also have written anywhere throughout this entire post, do be kind enough to comment down below for me to correct them later, for your thoughts and opinions are warmly appreciated. (:

So that leaves off to exactly 5 cities in Europe on this ambitious travel bucket list! Thank you guys so much for taking your precious time to dive into this, I hope you all enjoyed. This was by far one of those articles where I put in so much effort and time into writing, to relevantly keep track on the places I’ve been dying to visit in Europe someday, it being a truly belle of a continent where I will be forever in love with. As for my next post, you have probably read the side note from the above, mentioning that I am in such a huge travel-writing mood from which indicates that I will be writing more of posts like this, in formats of different particular continents or specific countries enlisting at least 5 cities that is right up my alley.
Let me know in the comments down below if you especially want me to write more travel related content here? Or if you have any specific travel related content to request for me to write about, as I would love to know. Also feel free to comment your version of the top 5 cities in Europe you would like to visit the most, because I would also like to hear all about it! Once again, thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have an amazing day ahead of you.

with love,





25 Self-Reminders

  1. You are loved. You are blessed. Don’t even think about anything otherwise.
  2. Pray often. Worship frequently. Never stop praising. Remember that God is with You, through all of life’s never-ending trials and tribulations. 
  3. You are enough. Growing takes time, so instead of whining on how swift everyone else is actually doing with their process, you should just start focusing on your own. 
  4. Everybody makes wrong decisions that somehow end up navigating them towards the right path. But that does not necessarily mean you allow these wrong decisions to be made on purpose, do try and speculate each choice thoroughly before you commit your move.
  5. High school is tough, but you’re tougher.
  6. Quality wins over quantity, Jan. Please value this in mind as you live on.
  7. Eat dinner, it’s surprisingly good for your soul. And delicious as well.
  8. Move a little more often than you should, your body needs it. 
  9. Sometimes you ought to let time do the healing, you’ve practically done this before so there’s no denying that you’ll end up doing them again. Stay strong. God is with you.
  10. Treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s totally fine to piss over someone’s wrongdoing that is directed at you, just as long as you don’t treat them back alike. Be nice. It’s a wonderful legacy to leave behind.
  11. Don’t ever loose sight of the people who care for you the most, for they are the ones who got your back, no matter what happens.
  12. Try your best to stay out of your comfort zone. Achieve what you can achieve. Be goal-oriented, not ambitious. Please don’t let them get to you, just keep moving forward.
  13. Write. As often as you could, as much as you wish, and as diverse as you like. You have the potential to inspire them readers who read your blog, and you know it. Your voice matters. Your story matters, and it certainly deserves all the attention it could get. Don’t you dare give this up.
  14. It is okay to not be okay, Jan. Drink water, lots and lots and lots of em. Eat junk food, marathon a TV series, read a dangflabbit book, blast on loud music, or write. Anything, as long as you find yourself in a consciously better state of mind in the end.
  15. The key in life, is to stay low. Acknowledge compliments being given to you, then nod and thank the people in return who give their time towards sharing them, and link those awful comments as fuel towards becoming a better you.  
  16. Be creative. I know you’re not very much good when it comes to arts and craft, or perhaps aesthetic handwriting and/or lettering, but you can always try to apply your ideas elsewhere. Like, writing for instance. Or taking pictures. Be it whatever you like.
  17. Improve yourself a little everyday. Learn Chinese, practice your piano, educate yourself through informative documentaries on YouTube, take more pictures. Learn to never take your time for granted, and make every day count.
  18. Get inspired easily, then inspire others in return. It’s a roundabout cycle that you’re apparently part of in which you shall never escape.
  19. Celebrate your struggles, for they are the reason behind those overwhelming accomplishments of yours.
  20. Read the Bible more often, will you? And the news. Your world cannot only revolve around those fictional worlds and mind-twisting plots. Be aware of the things that occur in your society. Keep that mind of yours open.
  21. A lot of great things are waiting for you in the narrow-coming future, so make sure you’re there to witness it.
  22. Create your very own travel-bucket list, so that you may see yourself foot-conquering all those splendid destinations you’ve managed to plan ahead for now someday.
  23. Stay positive!
  24. Make sure to check in all the factual conditions before you deliberate on making assumptions. Be meticulous!
  25. Last, but certainly not least: stay alive. (:

from a sincere writer who speaks better through words on screen,


Hey. Hope you enjoyed reading this list of 25 self-reminders that I finally succeeded to gather on today’s post. It’s written with an intention of it being a stepping stone to all the hard things I’ve been going through these past few days. And yes, I do mean well for this post to motivate those of you who are also going through a rough spot in life lately. Leave a comment down below if you need anything, I’ll be sure to have more posts like this coming up in the future! Massive shoutout to those of you who are battling their way towards being okay again, this post is for you. (;

Why I Write

Yes, writing. I do get a lot of questions from the people in my society, whom I suppose, lacks a huge amount of interest towards this hobby of mine, and often asking me why I do it.

So, why do I write?

Well, I’m glad you asked. 

Writing, is something I have managed to grab a hold of ever since I was a little kid. The 10 year old me used to join this journalism extracurricular activity at school where you were casually supposed to throw in opinions, stories, and/or experiences that ended up being published in the school newsletter. I was first intrigued by the pleasure I get from doing it. How cool it would be if I were to own a blog of my own where I can supposedly pour down all different kinds of thoughts, feelings, opinions, or generally anything I put my heart and mind to with all the people reading it, as well as finding themselves to enjoy reading what I wrote. It all seemed pretty profound to me.

I’ve had diaries before. Several ones in which I ended up stopping due to my immature self having a lack of passion to it, I guess. Sucked, I know. Journals I never got to finish, and entries where I skipped days of writing because I felt quite a bit of a slump towards doing it. It was an all-in-all long journey to actually get to the point where I am now, specifically, being much more productive writing-wise by frequently posting entries here, at my blog.

Now, the main reason as to why I wanted to pursue further into writing is mainly because it’s an essential space where I am very much free to express, share, and spread across messages through forms of words. Communicating has never been this easy, to be quite honest. I can assure myself, that up to this point, I’d still be better at writing the things I want to say, rather than saying it alone in real life. I could make out a splendidly done structured debate script, but instead is unable to confront my opponents with a classic impromptu speech. Still working on that, though. I’m getting there.

To me, writing is kind of similar to art. It’s like your painting all sorts of things you feel inside of you, then simultaneously pour them out using words, instead of paint. That is how I personally feel about writing. However, I’m secretly hoping to meet more people out there who enjoys writing as much as I do, perhaps? Frankly enough, because there’s not a lot of them to be found here where I come from. Which is kind of sad, but true. Well, until then, I guess I’ll just have to keep myself occupied with writing to wait and see.



In the mean time, this marks the end of my 4th post that I have successfully written in the month of June! I’m aiming to write more whenever I can before my upcoming trip to UK, and have scheduled so many new exciting topics to tackle on here on the blog. I hope you guys would look forward into reading it. Stay tuned! 

sincerely yours,



Inspiration Tuesday: Moana

Fair enough, this post may seem a little out of date. But as a writer, I couldn’t really stop myself from thinking after seeing the movie yesterday, and figured that I could relate to what she was going through a lot more than I expected enough, to not write about it. #perks

As I grow older, I have been less fond of the Disney movies that played quite the huge role in my childhood life back then, and I realize that my spectrum of entertainment had really transitioned from Tangled and Finding Nemo, to Sherlock Holmes, or Doctor X. I used to fill myself up with so much Disney back then, that I unconsciously memorize some of my favorite movies’ script from the very beginning to the very end. Guess that was how much I really cared for these characters as a kid. Disney had done so much for me, and there are a list of movies that I find myself really enjoying for a number of reasons, but that’s an entirely other thing to write for another day.

I haven’t really got a chance to see Moana during its first few weeks of release. Perhaps it was because I was pretty jam-packed with a whole lot of other things. However, I managed to finally have time to see this very interesting movie and invest myself into it to the point where I was able to grab quite a few things from it.


Compiled below are her 3 characteristics that struck me in awe, for these are the ones that identify with me the most.

Side note: Come to think of it, she is one of the very few main female Disney characters out there who represented women empowerment so well, and so that is another reason why I enjoyed devouring this movie to bits.

  1. Her leadership. She was the chief island’s daughter, and though at first she kind of rebelled against the throne being passed on to her, she ended up wanting to try, and kept both her mind, and her eyes wide open towards the people around her that needed her. Even when we see her feeling unsure of it at first, she decided to give it a go and managed to have done such a wonderful job in the end. She knew better than to not try first before actually accommodating success in her hands.
  2. Her outstanding persistence. The scene where she almost gave up at some point after Maui left, and then rose back up again because her ghost grandma believed in her, was the best. She was being given a task by the “ocean”, and couldn’t really figure as to why it had to be her in the first place, but she went for it anyway. Despite her father being totally against the idea, she still went for it because she truly knew what had to be done in order to save her people, and that because she believed that it should be her doing it. Nothing could really stand in her way because of this, and I think this persistent trait of hers could be a brilliant example being set upon the generation we live in these days.
  3. Her bravery. With every little obstacle that goes in her way, she wasn’t afraid to conquer them all and get a hold of what she wants for the sake of others. Even with Maui being all negative at first, telling her that it’s merely impossible to defeat Te Ka, the lava monster that guards the island, she eventually found a way and slipped through a loophole that managed to get her in and save her people. Also her rescuing Maui from the realm of monsters, marked another smart-coated bravery move on point as well.

Image result for moana

Guess that’s pretty much it for today, you guys. Let me know what you think of blogposts like these, and whether or not I should write something similar in the future? I think Disney movies are the best when it comes to sending valued messages through their characters in forms of movies like these, that I believe our next generation has a lot in store for their future as they grow from watching them. There’s just no telling on how far they’ll go.  

I’ll catch you guys in a few!


Also, I’ve written something similar back then talking about Steve Jobs and why I think he’s cool, entitled “Motivation Wednesday: Steve Jobs Behind the Lens of A Non-Apple Owner”, feel free to read if you’re interested in checking out more of things like these!





A Writer’s Prayer

Dear Lord,

Before I ask of anything else that may sound serious and/or demanding, I would like to first thank You for Your presence among me and my family today. Also, thank you for letting me live by yet another glorious day. Thank you for all the food, beverages, shelter, and all things sanctuary You’ve managed to send across that has yet again, supported me physically alongside today’s activities. Thank you for Your genuine kindness and protection that blankets me as I go. The outgoing ideas that pop up through the most unexpected timings. The safety and the wellness of the ones I care for and love the most, and Your blessings.

Thank you for allowing me to live in such a beautiful city that locates in an even more beautiful country regardless. Hear me as I pray for the leaders of this country, to simply direct this nation to a path that calls for something better, and for the citizens that stay, to also possess the right means of ideology that acknowledge and send support to their superior political leaders as well.

I send my prayers to the people who may have lost their beloved ones from the tragedy that has happened recently in London. To the victims of Manchester, my thoughts and prayers are with you all as well. Please let them suffer now for the better promising sake of the future You hold upon them. 

Sending prayers as well to Ahok, a refined gentleman of our country who deserves better than being an accused criminal behind bars. I thank You for sending all those people around the world to root for him, as I pray for him to stay strong and true to his belief. Always.

I am especially grateful for the achievements You have managed to bring upon me lately, academic-wise. I have never expected to have received such a surreal blessing from You coming my way. Also for the permission to represent my school alongside my two incredible teammates, in a prestigious international-level competition, and actually bring back an unexpected accomplishment as a result coming out of it in the end. Please help me to still value humility above all that has happened, and allow me to assist those who are in need of help as much as I can as well. 

I’d like to cast prayers upon my family, whom I love and treasure the most in this world. Mom, dad, Daniel. I look forward to spending time with them on our annual upcoming trip abroad, like we always do. Thank you for the provided time being used to spend quality time with them. I value those moments a lot. I pray for our togetherness, and to our many, many shared laughter, tears, trials, and tribulations that has yet to come as we settle them, hand-in-hand, as a family.

On behalf of that, I will surely not forget about my grandparents. Both of them, who are each currently struggling with their battles. I pray for each and every one of their safety, health, and their welfare in general. Help them to surrender all of life’s problematic issues into Your hands, and let no evil spirit knock them off of their constantly growing faith.

I pray for my friends, those who are either in or outside of my class, for their safety and their health as well. Please let them become the best version of themselves, to bring impact to those that surround them. Permit them to make the right decisions, and do not let them fall into darkness. I thank You for my best friend(s), who might end up reading this. I pray for them to always keep in touch with me, and to as well preserve an intimate relationship with You, God. Help them to find their ways into a promising future You seem to have set upon them, and please guide them with Your all-knowing ways.


I apologize for all the wrongdoings and negativity that might sometimes come out of nowhere. Also, for the less time being spent praying to You lately. I’m sorry for sometimes not realizing the awful things I’ve done, and for not thinking before I speak. For not being grateful of the person You’ve set me to become. And for the rest of my committed sins in the past few weeks, really. I believe You are a God of compassion, who never ceases to forgive Your people, and that I know You will forgive me, being one of Your followers as well.

So as this prayer comes to an end, I can assure You that all my faith, trust, praise, and worship will end up not.

Surely Your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. – Psalm 23:6

In Jesus name I pray,




Ways to Stay Educated

Happy June 1st, everyone!

As an introduction, today I’m about to tackle in something that may seem common, but still, plays yet a fantastically prominent role for each and every one of us as a whole, which is none other than: education.

Now, I know a lot of you reading this either may have graduated from college, or is still on the verge towards graduating some kind of education level with the system your country’s government has managed to set and bring upon to general. As, I’m here to say that, guys, staying educated is crucial. For there happens to be several- no, a bunch of important stuff that our teachers in school never got the chance to teach. Education literally comes from a variety of places, that you just have to look hard and squint your eyeballs hard enough to see through them.

Small disclaimer before I go on, I’m not writing any of this to disregard or set aside any form of education system in schools anywhere, for it is highly important to keep yourself educated through that (no doubt) legitimate platform. I’m here to simply break down options on how you should treat yourself a little, through different tools of education that can be found in probably, the most unlikely places, and how you should digest them enough in order for you to receive additional insight along the way.

I’ve decided to compile a list that includes 4 ways on how you can and should keep yourself educated, theoretically and realistically. So without further ado, let’s just go ahead and jump in!

  1. Reading literature. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an encyclopedia, a thesis, or a dictionary, that contains a gazillion facts for you to actually get the juice. You may always start small, treat yourself with a light-hearted YA fiction novel that travels you to different worlds and places, introduce you to characters who will most likely shower you with the things they know, or a historical fiction that takes you to a certain period of time where you will simultaneously learn history, or something motivational that hits you hard where you’ll be filled with though-provoking ideas, etc. There is always a hint of knowledge to find in any form of literature you’re reading, and as much as it may take a little longer to find it in one book when comparing it to the other, reading will still be a worthwhile portal towards getting yourself educated in your spare time. 
  2. Getting frequent updates from the media itself. This applies to newspapers, news, talkshows, etc. I like to think that keeping yourself updated with the world and its unpredictable surroundings, could really get you somewhere. Knowing what Trump is up to on the other side of the world, and how the economy in China is doing to change the few fouls in the business world, should most certainly come in handy. It doesn’t help you enough to only master theories brought to you through subjects in school. One must simply open up to acknowledge the vast majority of the surroundings being placed upon them as well, in order to live, and adapt properly inside of it.
  3. Watching YouTube. Now this, is a little something I like to call splendor. I personally like to use YouTube to watch channels that intentionally provide videos that can literally educate you. For instance, channels like VoxCrashCourse, and TED-Ed are my top 3 favorite channels to watch when I am in thirst into learning something new and completely out of the blue. These type of channels provide you with a broad spectrum of knowledge through animations, lively concise narratives, that will encourage you into knowing a little more of the world we know everyday.
  4. People. You can learn and tell so much from a person by just getting to know them personally. Not only does socializing helps you with moodboosting, but in regards also allows your mind to explore many different styles of thinking, embrace diversity, and as a result can be put in to good use. Which is why it is important for you to circle yourself with the right people, in order to receive the right amount of “education” as well.


And so there goes my version of ways to stay freshly well educated. Let me know what you guys think of it as you throw in some comments down below? I know this post lacks a lot, considering the fact that I have not quite yet written anything like this in a long while and that my mind has been quite a mess lately. Hope it’s at least close to being tolerable enough to read somehow. But of course, I’m glad to those of you who managed to make it this far! I’ll try to write more promising content in the following new posts to come. See you guys in a few!
from a girl who loves learning,



May Favorites | Songs

I haven’t quite written anything here in a while, so now that I finally find myself some time upon doing so, I thought I’d throw in some songs I am obsessed of listening to lately. This won’t be long, I promise, considering the fact that I’ve never actually written posts like this before. Do note that some of these songs I’ve chosen aren’t exactly new up-to-date releases to begin with, moreover they’re like a compilation of stuff I listen to often, which are either very important or relatable to me personally. And so, with all fingers crossed and whatnot, here goes nothing!

Alexander Hamilton – Hamilton: “An American Musical”

A song to remember, in desperate times where me and my team of scholars studied this for the annual World Scholar’s Cup. Genuinely catchy and informative at the same time. I admire this piece so much for the take its got on classic, and modern music being composed together creating this remarkable piece. This song will definitely stay on the top of my all time favorites list in a very, very long time.

Almost There – Princess and the Frog

Such a dear song to my heart, coming from something that has been sticking with me since childhood, the movie itself was by far one of my all time favorites by Disney. The one thing that stood out for me the most from this song is the way Tiana sings about her dream of owning her own restaurant, not having time for anything else but to pursue it. I love the way she collides it all through this song, allowing the viewers to learn that hard work is needed to accomplish big things in life, and that there is no elevator to success. Taking small steps on stairs is what you gotta do in order to reach them.

Beauty and the Beast – Lindsey Stirling

I am in love with how this turned out. Lindsey has surely done it again. The medley came out perfectly, and screw me for being a sucker for both Beauty and the Beast and the sound of violins, this was a masterpiece. I love every second of it. Brilliantly well played, pure magnificence, and down-right magical in the best way there is.

Most Girls – Hailee Steinfeld 

Probably the only updated release on this list, also the most important one as well. A very strong message that needs to be brought up to our generation these days, that every girl always has something to offer. They’re strong, beautiful, intelligent, and all that. Every single woman in this world is unique, no two are the same, but it’s really okay to have someone to look up to. Changing the way you are (as long as it doesn’t harm you on a certain dangerous level) is perfectly fine as long as you feel great in your own skin. Plus points for the genuine construction of this song that managed to work out so well for the message to spread across.

Someday – Michael Bublé ft. Meghan Trainor

I happen to adore sweet, lighthearted, and easy-going music like this one. So I’m sorry, this just had to be on the list. I couldn’t really stop listening to it on repeat since it first played out for me. It really lightens up my mood in some way, remembering especially for the fact that it’s a collaboration between two of the biggest and influential artists out there in the industry. I just. I can’t, guys. This song is just too cute.

Yep, so those were the 5 songs that I am currently obsessed with for a number of subjective reasons. Hope you guys enjoyed seeing them, and tried listening to a couple or three of them as well, to really get a glimpse upon my so called ~mainstream~ taste for music. What are your 5 favorite songs on your playlist this May? Hit me up on the comments below because I am in need of new recommendations for now apparently. I don’t know. But anyways! Exams are approaching and gazillion things had to be done here and there for me to not have enough time writing these days. I’ll try my best to get back on track when it comes to it, for I have quite the number of ideas that are just dying to be burst out here on the blog.
Have a joyous weekend, everyone.